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General FAQ of Products

all of the users can use from added features in attention to their license.
No, Be prepared, each of the facilities, software, separately according to customer requirements and the package is purchased.
Yes, it is possible if the package that you have chosen to be supported, Otherwise, it is necessary at first to upgrade your package, and action, and then try to prepare their required.
No, for creation and or management of website you can connect to internet from anywhere of world without limitation.
Latest software version can be placed/put in the member's control panel. In order to update it is necessary that the latest download version put in the www.
For doing this item you must be a member of the integrated system members (free membership), then considering of amount according to your desired version (According to price, or calculated the system during the purchase process, according to extra features of your requirement) through one of methods of payment, charge your user ID and purchase as online.

Dedicated FAQ of Pars Portal

Pars Portal is a website management system that by using from features and useful tools gives this possibility to users until without need the expertise and technical knowledge, can create and manage the website in different level from simple to advance with high facilities.
Pars Portal has an all of the features in complete portal. Click here to view the facilities.
Software support depends on the packages is purchased, but this product is supported for one year right now. It is possible that renewal annually after this time.
No, according to easy use from software, there is a possibility of site design at any level of technical knowledge and you can do it in several hours, if you don’t have an opportunity for design, type, making form and etc due to the lack of time, You can leave these cases to the Pars Data, with extra payment (according to design price).
Considering that Software are offered in different versions. For view of price the Pars Portal refer to price list of Pars Portal page.
Yes, but it is necessary to mention that this version is including of several limitation number of software possibility.
Click here For view and use the Pars Portal software demo in the internet.
Of course, new features always are added to this software.
With Pars Portal software will be offered service hosting of windows 2008 for 3 months. After this time finished it is necessary to provide the web hosting separately.
Click here for view the security strategies that are intended.
There is possible to use from Pars Portal software for sub portal /sub domain, that you can see the price list in Surplus Facilities section in the page of Pars Portal price list.