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Contact with products support department

Whether such a system is needed?

Nowadays firms of foreign are not able to offer support services without having online support system.

Most of users refer to the website of firms to receive support services and absence of a support system will increase phone contacts and face to face contacts and thus will reduce speed of your growth and progress.

Successful firms that consider these tools as a necessary tools and offer multilateral support services get profit from positive outcomes of such system like increment if users due to rise of confidence level of them, decrease of contacts to firm and thus free time to develop and growth and reduction of support costs.

Regardless of whether you select Pars Support or another system as your online support system, ensure that you reduce your support costs substantially and will be cause of increase of your incomes.

What is Pars Support?

Pars Support is online support software or in other word it is Help Desk Software. This software is used for firms, organizations, Institutions (or any real person with rights which are offered by the product or service) to organize and automation of user backup activities such as management of requests and follow up of them, online help and training documentations.

Reduce your phone calls

With presence of most applicable tools of Pars Support software such as (Chat, Ticket, Knowledge base, Help), your calls will reduce substantially and you just concentrate on development and sales of your products and services.
Due to presence of such facilities on your online support system, most of users prefer to use these facilities instead of making phone calls.

Live Chat

When Users need to troubleshooting or getting answer as force majeure, Online Chat is the best option. Online chat is valuable not only for customers support but use of that in field of sales increases services and products sales of firms. Nowadays most of users seek their product or service firm on internet. Presence of tools that can be response to user's requirements and to advise at the same time would be considered one of the essential tools at sales unit.

Making archive of accomplished conversations between users and experts makes managers to be informed about the process of conversation and service to experts of their own firm or organization easily and with no concern.

Dialogue conference is one of the Benefits of Online chat. This means that a user can chat with several experts simultaneously, while experts can send a private message to consult with each other.

Also use of chat is much more cost less than telephone which is common tool to communicate. Also transmission of data through chat is more secure than telephone, since probability of getting wrong concepts in auditory (telephone) is more than documents (chat).

Knowledge Base

Most of the questions that customers of a product or services have are those which have been proposed by other customers. You can ask from your customers to detoxify their problems and questions before making call through the available knowledge base by exposing their questions and problems in the form of knowledge base. Even you can save your time if a customer has not noted available knowledge base and proposed his problem and questions through the Ticket, Email or Chat, by linking respective encyclopedias to him.

With change of employee at your firm always there are concerns that whether new staff could solve customer's problems and questions or not? Don't be worry with the presence of knowledge base which you have already created. Since new employee also can match a reliable answer by referring available knowledge base and then transfer to users.

Ticket / Ticketing

Ticket is a system which organizes requests of users and collects all requests that have been sent through the Email or Ticket form and then save them on a database and share between respective experts to be responded by an expert which has the most awareness about that request. In the meantime experts can forward received requests or tickets to each other or consult with each other by using private message and then send response to the user.

One of the most important benefits of this system is that it works as an Email sender or receiver (SMTP/POP3) and experts will not need to use POP3 programs (like Outlook) any more.

Users can also view their respond in their Mailbox or by login to online support system view, following and response to them through web.

The other benefit of Ticket system can be mentioned as supervision on way of expert's responses. One of the firm manager's concerns is about supervision and the way of expert's responding to users. Managers are able to manage and view cycle of respond which is traversed between different users and experts easily or manage and view latency duration of unanswered tickets by observing presence tickets.

When an administrator or one of members sends ticket through the panel, his ticket is saved on panel and as well as sent to the corresponding person.

A member can send question from ticket system for a group or even a particular expert and receive reply in the next time.

With use of Pars Support

  • From everywhere and at anytime support your customers.
  • From everywhere and at anytime have accurate supervision on your staff.
  • Create your support system within a few minutes.
  • Proceed on live chat with your customers.
  • Improve accuracy of replication to customers and time.
  • Reduce a high percentage of support costs.

High quality and Consideration different aspects of an Online support system Requirements and provide them in the form of Help Desk software, convert Pars Support to competitive products with similar products to foreign companies such as Smarter Track and Kayako.

This product is registered with trademark Pars Support and consists of technical approval from the High Council of Informatics and also its software certificate has been done.